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Teaching Work of Third Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University

      Third Affiliated Hospital is affiliated hospital of Kunming Medical University. Its teaching management organization and management system is sound. The teaching management department is the functional department of teaching management, which is in charge of undergraduate education and postgraduate training. One vice presidents is specially designed for teaching work management. There are ten teaching and research sections: internal medicine, surgery, radiotherapy, gynecological tumor, pathology, clinical laboratory, medical imaging, anesthesia, nursing and emergency treatment. Each department and each clinical department are both equipped with a teaching secretary. We are in charge of the construction of tumor research of clinical medicine (stop receiving students from 2009 for country policy) and medical experimental technology specialty.

Hospital attaches importance to teaching, and actively promote the reform of teaching. Clinical oncology surgery is the provincial quality course. Clinical internal medicine and oncology radiotherapy was named excellent courses by Kunming Medical University. Tumor surgery, tumor medical oncology, oncology radiotherapy, gynecologic oncology, tumor imaging teaching teams are named excellent teaching teams by Kunming Medical University. There are 3 famous teachers. We carry out 55 teaching research projects: 9 provincial level, 3 education department level, 43 school level. Among those projects, there are 5 key projects of Kunming Medical University. 11 projects get the teaching achievement awards: 5 provincial level, 3 education department level, 3 school level. There are 7 doctoral tutors, 86 master student tutors. We enroll master students researching on oncology, surgery, internal medicine, anesthesiology, imaging and nuclear medicine, pathology, nursing. We enroll doctoral students researching on surgery and oncology.

We can afford courses and practical operations of surgery, internal medicine, gynecological, oncology, Medical imaging. We can enroll foreign students.


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