Dr. Nathaniel Rothman and His Group From American National Cancer Institute Visited Yunnan Cancer Hospital (The Third Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University)


        Recently the senior researchers from the National Cancer Institute - Dr.Rothman, Dr. Qing Lanand professor RoelVermeulen, Dr. Right from Risk assessment scientific institute of Utrecht University visited Yunnan Cancer Hospital(The Third Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University). President Yunchao Huangphysicians from the 1st thoracic surgery department, and staffs from hospital affairs office, key laboratory of lung cancer research, Yunnan provincial lung cancer institute, medical record management department and publicity office attended the meeting.


Yunnan Caner Hospital had organized 13 medical workers led by deputy secretary Zhimin Liu to visit and study in US, during their stays in America they visited NCI,where they were warmly received by Dr.Rothman, Dr. Qing Lan and professor RoelVermeulen. The research direction of these three experts is focused on cancer epidemiology, genetics, occupational and environmental epidemiology, highly exposure assessment and molecular biology research. Their visit is aimed at getting to know the situation of receiving and treating patients with lung cancer in our hospital, the information of cancer specimen analysis and relevant data statistics on lung cancer, so as to discriminate and analysis the incidence characteristics of female lung cancer in Yunnan Province, especially Xuanwei area, and ultimately find out a more advanced research ideas and direction on lung cancer treatment. Since 2005, Yunnan Cancer Hospital has developed a cooperation relationship with NCI on lung cancer research, three experts expressed their intention to further push forward the cooperation.


Three experts visited the 1st department of thoracic surgery, key laboratory on lung cancer research, they showed their appreciation to our work in basic research, diagnosis and treatment, data statistics of lung cancer. President Yunchao Huang introduced our work situation on lung cancer research, especially the achievement in Xuanwei and Fuyuan city, and made an in-depth discussion with experts on the impact of soot type on lung cancer, impact of environmental smoke on lung cancer, molecular epidemiology and lung cancer case-control study.


Through the communication, the two sides reached consensus in subject study, data statistics and analysis, talents training, which laid a solid foundation for the following cooperation.