Student Group From US Leading Universities Visited Yunnan Cancer Hospital



On July 19, 2017, 15 Americanstudents visited Yunnan Cancer Hospital, they are a group of pre-medical students from several leading universities in USA on a program in Kunming about Chinese Traditional Medicine and Community Health. Yunnan Cancer Hospital warmly welcomed these students. The President Huang Yunchao, Vice-predident Ligaofeng, Vice-predident Yang Haijun, Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection Xuyuan, Hospital Supervisor Qin Yahui, directors from administrative offices, clinical departments,medical laboratories and key research institutions and other representatives met the visiting students, and took a group photo with them. 



 All of these young guests come from leading universities in America, like Harvard University, Yale University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Washington (Saint Louis), University of Iowa, St. Michael College, University of Texas at Dallas, Hope University, University of Illinois at Chicago and major in psychology, math, chemistry, chinese, public health nutrition, biomedical engineering, biology, classical languages, molecular biophysics, biochemistry, anthropology and nursing. 



Their trip to Yunnan lasts for six weeks, they are mainly learning things about public health, medical treatment, traditional chinese medicine, traditional medicine of ethnic minorities and ethnic craft in Yunnan Province, and also learning to do some simple practices about their learning content. Their visiting to Yunnan Cancer Hospital is an part of the trip.









During the seminar, on behalf of Yunnan Cancer Hospital, President Huang Yunchao extended a warm welcome to the young American guests coming from afar, he cordially exchanged his ideas with them and talked to them about their majors and interests.









President Huang Yunchao also presented our local wax printing paintings to those visiting students, these ethnic culture featured paintings were well-received by the students. Ms. Zhou Wangying from Student Management Office introduced Yunnan Cancer Hospital and achievements of the hospital in teaching and research fields. During the seminar, every participant from both sides gave a brief introduction to themselves, which greatly improved the mutual understandings.









After the seminar, the visiting students were divided into three groups, each group respectively has a visiting route according to their interest, they visited the Operation Theatre, Department of Thoracic Surgery, two Second Department of Breast Surgery, Department of Urology, Department of Integrated TCM and Western Medicine, Department of Radiology, Physical Examination Center, Cancer Institute and Key Laboratory on Lung Cancer Research. During the visit, the students exerted a great interest in medical, teaching and research related work, they carefully listen to the staff’s introduction, and actively raised questions to the doctors, their questions were seriously considered and answered.

Meanwhile, some graduate student representativesfrom the hospital also joined the hospital tour and conducted in-depth communications with their American fellows.


TranslatorHospital Affairs Department    Shang Zhongjun