Yunnan Cancer Hospital and MD Anderson Cancer Center Successfully Co-hosted The 1st China-US Oncology Forum

Yunnan Cancer Hospital (The 3rd Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University), Yunnan Cancer Center and American MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) co-hosted the 1st China-US (MDACC - 3rd Affiliated Hospital of KMU/YCH) Oncology Forum on March 17-19th,2017. Taking “China and US joining hands, fighting cancer together” as the theme, this forum is the first academic program that MDACC co-organized with organization of cancer prevention and treatment in Yunnan Province, and it is also a grand event in cancer prevention and treatment fields in Yunnan Province.


Party Secretary Canping Wang of Health and Family Plannings Commission of Yunnan Province and President Song Li of Kunming Medical University attended the opening ceremony. This forum invited various prestigious experts and professors from American MDACC and China to share the world’s cutting-edge academic oncology trends with us. Experts from MDACC are Ta-jen(TJ)Liu MD.PhD. - project director of Global Academic Programs, Joe Y.Chang MD.PhD. - clinical section chief of Thoracic Radiation Oncology and director of Stereotactic Radiation Oncology, Dr. Bunu Arun - professor of Breast Medical Oncology and Clinical Cancer Prevention departments, and co-medical director of Clinical Cancer Genetics, Dr. Anne S. Tsao - director of the mesothelioma program and Thoracic Chemo-Radiation program, Dr. Mark W.Clemens - associate professor of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Mara Antonoff - assistant professor and assistant program director of education of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Dr. Jing Li MD.PhD. - director of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery, Dr. Xiaodong Zhang PhD. - associate Professor of Radiation Physics on Patient Care, Dr. Yunyun Chen MD. - instructor of Head & Neck Surgery Department, Dr. Guoyu Yu PhD. - Postdoctoral fellow in Translation Molecular Pathology. And others renowned experts like Prof. Jin Zhang MD. - member of American Society of Clinical Oncology and American Society for Cancer Research, Prof. Linwei Tian from University of Hong Kong, Xinshi Chen - Director and vice chief-editor of Editorial Department ofNational Medical Journal of Chinaand President of branch agency of Chinese Medical Association Publishing House, Prof. Baosan Han - commissioner of Breast Cancer Special Committee of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association. Meanwhile, Director Mengkun You from Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Office of Health and Family Plannings Commission of Yunnan Province, party and administrative chief leaders, middle-level cadres and relevant medical staffs of our hospital, as well as cancer prevention and treatment experts from other organizations in Yunnan Province took part in the forum. While the opening ceremony was chaired by Prof. Joe Y. Chang and Prof. Yunchao Huang .


During the forum, attendees actively proposed questions to experts after listening to the lectures, and they conducted a broad discussion and exchanged their ideas with experts on issues about cancer prevention and treatment, hospital management, talent training and disciplinary construction. Ideas and minds from different areas were sparkling and reacting with each other, the on-site academic atmosphere was hot.

Prof. Joe Y. Chang and Dr. Mark W.Clemens from AmericanMDACC were engaged as the visiting professor of Yunnan Cancer Hospital (the 3rd Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University)in this communication activity, and the two experts will provide a long term technical support and academic guidance to Yunnan Cancer Hospital.